It will be interesting to see if the standard screen costs more; it will almost certainly be less available. The ClamShell design of the display. The review of the Thinkpad T61 in base equipment can be found here. Furthermore, regarding speed of reaction, nothing requiring any remarks could be detected by any of the performed scroll tests. With the T61, you now have options for four different card slots:

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Lenovo thinkpad t61 of that software is useful, especially the ThinkVantage related applications, they? Lenovo will try and convince you widescreen offers more screen real estate and so it?

Lenovo ThinkPad T61 – Review of the Lenovo ThinkPad T61

Please share our article, every link counts! Thinkpac T61 also delivers improved Lenovo thinkpad t61 reception The stable and uncovered steel lenovo thinkpad t61 are able to support the adjusted opening angle without problems. This website uses cookies.

Overall, the T61 is an interesting notebookwhereas Lenovo focuses on business customers. The lenovo thinkpad t61 synthetic graphics benchmark results. Also the look of the hinges were slightly adapted. The T61’s workmanship is as expected very good and also the stability of the case is first class. The provided interfaces and their order is typical Thinkpad. The T61 with integrated graphics performed very well, outperforming systems from last year that had dedicated graphics:.


So, here an upgrade is recommended. thiinkpad

There are no recovery media provided. Lenovo claims that the screen is now 25 percent more resistant to breakage than previous models.

Lenovo offers an option of a Blu-ray burner. Basically, the T61 ran far, far cooler than my ThinkPad T Lenovo thinkpad t61 subtle change that may lenovo thinkpad t61 some is the new ThinkPad logo you see pictured in this review. Most of the ports are lenovo thinkpad t61 the left side of the notebook. One of them can be used to launch recovery from the hidden recovery partition by simply pressing a key. Especially, looking from bottom up leads to a heavy darkening.

One cool feature Lenovo has added is called battery stretch. Color Diagram in Mains Operation. Both of the Thinkpad T61’s provided stereo speakerslocated left and right beside the keyboard, sound clearand are adequately loud for playing music, but basses are hardly evident.

So, if closed there is hardly any gap between display and base-unit. However, its performance is not sufficient for current games. If you press this button during the boot process, the recovery systemwhich can be used to backup and restore data, will be launched.


We show the least amount of ads possible. What the Lenovo thinkpad t61 screen lacks is brightness, which has always been the case with ThinkPad notebooks.

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An Intel chipset launch is never complete without Lenovo offering a new ThinkPad to take advantage of it. The input devices are user-friendly, the noise and temperature emissions alright.

The keyboard is as excellent as ever, the sturdy build is great, and the lenovo thinkpad t61 port options are appreciated.

Providing 90 keysthe Lenovo ThinkPad T61’s keyboard convinces by a clear feedback. Lenovo homepage Lenovo notebook section Thinkpad T Series. Super PI, used to test CPU performance by calculating pi to lenovo thinkpad t61 million digits of accuracy, demonstrates that the T61 was able to outperform the older generation ThinkPads with similar clockspeeds.