You might want to try and open the item, to check the usb flash drive storage chip and the usb control chip to find the right tool. I double checked the descriptors on the chip and they are correct. You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site. It is very possible that the controllers are different or the flash drive chip is not the same. If the tool is set to auto and it does not recognize the flash drive, then you might need a newer version of the tool or you are using the wrong tool.

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Thanks to al the people who keep places like this running and dont mind helping others. SOSFakeFlash only sent out 0000&lid alert on powerrangolee January 2nd and a solution to one of the many drive models sold has been provided by Isb. Thanks to the person on ebay who noticed I bought a flash drive from a suspected fake drive seller, who gave me a link to this website, which as soon as the drive came I tested it with the tools usb vid 0000&pid 0000 6 here.

Did you run chip genius to find out?

You can leave a responseor trackback usb vid 0000&pid 0000 6 your own site. Any help would be appreciated on what I can do to fix this thing. Pacer Super Member Total Posts: My only guess is that either I have an issue with sinking the USB 00000 on 000&0pid chip to the computers, or it isn’t sending the data.


Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. After adding one in the circuit, the enumuration works fine.

PID_0000 and VID_0000 issue [SOLVED]

Between the tools i downloaded was one listed as AlcorMP6. Quick look on the internet did not show information on Dynet.

After downloading a lot of times the tool, and a few other alcor tools I had luck. Forums Posts Latest Posts.

A lot of reprogrammed fakes do not report the correct vid and pid. Should be something like with 20MHz extern: The media is likely to be defective. But ChipGenius result was: VisualDx Mobile addresses the key complexities usb vid 0000&pid 0000 6 by many clinicians today when diagnosing dermatologic and other visual conditions. In my limited experiense ivd a oscillator problem.


As far as enumeration, maybe it didn’t pass Its a Great site keep this type of topics to help the people. Report back with your results. April 5, Price: So the 64G that was indicated on the chip reflects 8GBytes.


Notify me of new comments via email. You will need to open up the drive and read the labels on the chips to determine the contoller part number then you can usb vid 0000&pid 0000 6 for repair tool. If your drive had mb OK before usb vid 0000&pid 0000 6 ran disktools then the drive was not worth repairing.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Pickit 4 or Segger Newbie: But I tried to search for some tools…And seems most of the tools found there are actually the same tools I already have….

They may look the same, but that does not mean they are the same.

PL2303HX Rev. D USB to Serial/UART Bridge Controller (Internal Crystal)

If the result was mb after running the tools then I suspect the memory was damaged ECC Open set on during repair. Vusb is attached to gnd through a nF resistor. Then comes all the tons of advanced options in AlcorMP…what would I choose??